Bird Brand Low Odour White Spirit

Bird Brand Low Odour White Spirit


New generation reduced aromatic solvent for thinning, cleaning brushes and equipment.
Low aromatic solvent more suitable for sensitive users and areas with poor ventilation. It has the cleaning power of White Spirit and can be mixed with oil based paints and linseed oils. Will not effect drying time of oil based paints. Leaves no residue on evaporation.
For interior and exterior use.
Product is less flammable and hazardous but as effective as White Spirit.
Available in three separate quantities.
1 litre - Packed in the safe UN Craftsman Range container. The smallest size available.
2.5 litre - Mid range size for easy use, storage and economy.
5 litre - Largest available size for the safe long life storage and best economical value.

1 Litre
2.5 Litre
5 Litre

Safety Data Sheet

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