Bird Brand Turps Substitute

Bird Brand Turps Substitute


Turpentine Substitute is another quality solvent mostly used in the clean up after painting. It can also be used to clean and degrease equipment and work areas. It also has a lower VAT rate than White Spirit (currently 5%).
Newly formulated and re-sourced from France for use as a specialist/premium solvent. Cleans brushes, equipment and prepares surfaces but essentially still a greasier version of White Spirit.
Turps Substitute is ideal for cleaning brushes, tools, paint spillages and more. Also use for thinning and letting down of most oil based paints, stains and undercoats for priming.
Shelf Life - 12 months unopened.
Store between 5 and 30 degrees C.
Available in the following volumes,
750ml - A small size in a sturdy PET recyclable container and child proof closure.
2 Litres - The most popular size with customers who find they can easily carry and pour the contents. Features a child proof closure.
4 Litres - A handy large size with a child proof closure. A cost effective way to purchase.

2 Litre
4 Litre

Safety Data Sheet

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