Resto Driveway Paint

Resto Driveway Paint


A carefully formulated water based paint for hard surfaces such as concrete, ashpalt, tarmac and tennis courts.
Can be overpainted with line paint.
Coverage 1ltr covers 2m2 for 2 coats approx. Depending on substrate.
The Resto home brand Driveway Paint is available in three colours - Black, Red or Green.
Resto Driveway Paint has been specifically designed to refurbish existing tarmac, asphalt and concrete driveways and car parks.
The Resto Driveway Paint is A highly durable water borne acrylic coating providing a low sheen, weather resistant finish.
Ideally suited for the decoration and protection of concrete, tarmac and masonry driveway substrates.
It is the harmful effects of UV light that degrade the bitumen/asphalt content that binds the aggregate (stones) together. The first signs of degradation is the fading of the colour as the binding properties are reduced, followed by the aggregate becoming loose. Resto Driveway Paint restores the colour (or change it) and reinforces the surface by helping bind the aggregate in place (if caught soon enough). Resto Driveway Paint is designed to minimize future deterioration and provides a protective surface to lengthen lifespan of the drive, path, pavement or car park surface.

  • Do not apply in cold, damp conditions.
  • Drying time 1-2 hours.
  • Overcoat time 2-4 hours.
  • Can be brush, roller or spray applied.
  • Resto Driveway Paint has a shelf life of 1 year if kept away from frost and direct sunlight.
  • If thinning is required use clean water.
Size Colours
5 Litre Black
20 Litre Red

Safety Data Sheet

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