Coo-Var Gold Paint

Coo-Var Gold Paint


Fast Drying Coo-Var Gold Paint gloss metalic finish.
For interior and exterior use.
A versatile, durable, rust resistant coating which provides a glossy metalic finish for metal, ironwork and many other surfaces.

Special properties include:

  • A high degree of rust resistance.
  • Fast drying
  • Heat resistant
  • Hard, durable film
  • Can be used without a primer
  • Exterior and interior use.

Coo-Var Gold Paint works on metal railings, garden furniture, metal drain pipes, car components, trailers, boats, wheels, radiators, pipes, bicycles... the list goes on.

Directions for Use

Wire brush and sand the surface to remove any loose flaking material and rust.
On previously painted surfaces check for compatibility.
Wood must be primed with a suitable 'water thinned' primer.


Apply Coo-Var Gold Paint by brush.
Apply a thin coat briskly and leave 2-4 minutes before recoating with a full coat.
When more than one coat is required. (eg round surfaces) re-coat as soon as the first coat is dry, minimum of 4 hours.
A special anticorrosive primer can enahnce performance in extreme conditions.


Approximately 1-15 square metres per litre.

Drying time:

Touch Dry 1-2 hours
Through dry 4 hours.

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