Coo-Var Rust Converter

Coo-Var Rust Converter


Converts rust into a stable surface for painting.
Water based Rust Converter/Primer.
For use on Iron and steel surfaces where all rust cannot be fully removed.
Will stop the rusting process and allow for the surface to be overcoated.


Protect from freezing


Apply one or two coats by spray, brush or roller


8 hours before overcoating with a conventional paint top coats.

Drying Time

2 to 4 hours, very dependent on the drying conditions.


Theoretical up to 12 sq. metres per litre
Practical - 10 sq. metres per litre

Pack Size

250 mls or 2.5 litre


Coo-Var Rust Converter is supplied ready to use.
Stir or shake lightly before use.
When using Rust Converter, always decant into a separate container and never return surplus material to original container.
Surfaces should be clean and free from surface dirt, dust and grease.
Light to medium rusted steelwork must be properly prepared by wire brush or power tools (SSPC SP3) to remove loose millscale and flaky rust and paint, which is not sound or tightly adhered.
Weathered steel should be high pressure water or wet abrasive blasted to SSOC-SP6.
Best results are achieved if some bright metal (10%) is showing in the rusted area.
Apply Rust Converter when the humidity is greater than 40%.
On warmer days it is recommended to damp down warm steel with a mist of water prior to application.


Rust Converter should be stored at room temperature (20C/68F) for 24 hours before use.
Best applied by brush or deck scrubber to encourage penetration of rusted surfaces, but Rust Converter can also be applied by spray or roller.
Apply Rust Converter when the air and surface temperatures are between 5C and 30C and the relative humidity between 40-90%.
Thin, even coats applied by brush is the preferred method of application.
Brush Rust Converter primer well into the rust to leave a dry film thickness of 25-30 microns.
Rust Converter in the wet state is off white in colour.
The changing colour of the coating indicates that the chemical reaction is taking place. After treatment with Rust Converter, the overall area should be navy/black in appearance.
If this is not the case, insufficient surface preparation has been carried out.
Rust Converter will normally be touch dry within 2 hours depending on the temperature and humidity.
Cooler temperatures delay curing. Allow a minimum of 8 hours before overcoating with water based products and 24 hours with solvent based top coats.
Wash brushes and equipment with water immediately after use.
Clean spray lines before Rust Converter dries. Once dry, Rust Converter is difficult to remove. use an aromatic solvent to soften dry brushes or free clogged lines.

Health and Safety

These products are considered to be non-hazardous. However, please ensure that operators read and understand the health and safety data sheet before using these materials, which can be downloaded below.

2.5 Litre

Safety Data Sheet

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