Coo-Var Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Coo-Var Chlorinated Rubber Paint


A highly water resistant paint for use in pools, parlours, chemical installations anywhere were chemical and water resistance is unimportant.
Can be used on structures which will be submerged.
One of the best ways to ensure chemical and water resistance.
Gives outstanding protections against a wide range of chemicals and aqueous solutions, particularly to acids and can e used as a swimming pool coating below water.
Suitable for salt water.


Coo-Var Chlorinated Rubber Paint is available in white, black or blue 18.E.51


The Coo-Var Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint has a Gloss finish.


Chlorinated Rubber


Apply Coo-Var Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint by Brush or Airless Spray.
Nozzle size 0.17"-0.021"
Nozzle pressure 150 bar.
Mix well before use.

Coverage Guide

11 Sq Metres Per Litre

Drying Time

Surface Dry 2 Hours
Through Dry 24 hours

Blue 18.E.51

Safety Data Sheet For black/dark colours.

Safety Data Sheet For white/pale colours.

Technical Data Sheet

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