Resto Roof Tile Paint

Resto Roof Tile Paint


A water based coating providing a low sheen weather resistant finish.
Ideally suited for the decoration and protection of roof tiles, mineral composite roof surfaces and asbestos sheeting.
Extremely durable.
Coverage 1ltr per 3m2 depending on substrate.
Roof Tile Paint for Tile & Slates
Tile Renovation Coating
Safe water-based thermal coating, reduces CO2 emissions, benefits the environment, contains Ceramic Spheres which help improve the insulative properties of the roof, eco-friendly.
The Resto Roof Tile Paint is a high quality water based acrylic coating, designed as a long lasting external decorative and protective finish for concrete and fibre cement roof tiles.
The coating has excellent durability and colour properties which brings life back into the roof tiles.

Before Resto Roof After Resto Roof

The Resto Roof Tile Paint is suitable for use on exterior concrete and fibre cement roof tiles.
Excellent adhesion to porous surfaces.
The Resto Roof Tile Paint can be brush or spray applied.
The Resto Roof Tile Paint is not to be used on painted surfaces or high density/low suction substrates such as glazed brick, glazed tiles, engineering bricks, clay and sand dressed clay tiles.

Our Colours

The Resto Roof Tile Paint is available in Terracotta, Tile Red, Autumn Brown, Tile Brown, Sage Green, Country Green, Grey Stone and Slate Grey.
It is now also available in Black. Resto Roof Colours

Pack Size

The Resto Roof Tile Paint comes in 5 litres or 15 litres containers.

Surface Finish

The Resto Roof Tile Paint delivers a matt finish.

Spreading Rate

The coverage depends on the texture and porosity of the tile surface after power washing and repair.
Apply 2 even coats at an overall coverage of 2.5 square metres per litre.
Spray recommendation - can be airless sprayed - consult manufacturer for further details.

Drying Time

Dry to touch in 1 hour.
The second coat then may be applied 4-6 hours after the first coat has dried.

Shelf Life

The Resto Roof Tile Paint will last up to 12 months if store correctly in an unopened container.
Store above 5 degrees C.

Surface Preparation

The roof area must be thoroughly cleaned prior to application of the coating in order to remove accumulated dirt, debris, bird faeces, moss, lichen, fungus and all other detritus materials.
The area to be coated must be pressure washed to remove all substrate contaminates.
Care must be taken not to damage the roof structure, whilst pressure washing.
Replace any damaged tiles prior to coating.

Application of Fungicidal Wash

The fungicidal wash solution is best applied by brush, to allow a thorough substrate penetration.
After application the roof should be allowed to dry completely and then inspected to ensure a uniform substrate coverage and that there is no water trapped in the joints between the tiles.

Application of Resto Roof Tile Paint

All tile coating work should be carried out in dry conditions and without forecast of precipitation or frost, within 6 hours of applying the coat.
No coating should be carried out in times of condensation conditions or when the relative humidity exceeds 90%.
No coating should be carried out when the substrate temperature is below 5 degrees C or above 35 degrees C.
The maximum permissible moisture content of the substrate is 21%.
If possible, do not apply the coating when the roof tiles are very hot, in order that premature surface drying and poor substrate wetting does not occur.
When dry after a minimum of 4-6 hours drying, the second coat of Resto Roof Tile Paint may be applied.
Resto Roof Tile Paint should not be applied as supplied - if thinning is required, use water.

Equipment and Cleaning

Clean all equipment immediately with water after use.


Keep out of reach of children.
In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water.
Remove splashes from skin with soap and water or a recognised hand cleaner.
When storing, protect from frost.
Do not apply paint if there is risk of heavy rain or frost.
Do not use Resto Roof Tile Paint near fish ponds.


Good working practice should be followed and safety/walking boards should be utilised where required.

5 Litre
15 Litre

Safety Data Sheet

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