Anti Rot and Woodworm Killer

Anti Rot and Woodworm Killer


Bird Brand Complete Anti-Rot Treatment and Woodworm Killer is a mixture of active ingredients (propiconazole & permethrin) inside a low odour solvent.
This All In One preservative can help prevent and eradicate new and in-situ wood against woodworm (and other wood boring insects) and a fungal attack (dry rot, wet rot and mould).
Bird Brand Complete Anti-Rot & Woodworm Killer can be used on timber flooring, joists, window frames, doors and floor boards.
Complete Anti-Rot and Woodworm Killer is not supported by HSE for use on timbers that are in permanent grough or water contact.
It is often best used as an initial pre-treatment prior to overpainting, staining or varnishing.
HSE approved and low odour.
Coverage 3-5metres sq per litre.

1 Litre
2.5 Litre
5 Litre

Safety Data Sheet

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