Dipping Concentrate

Dipping Concentrate


For dipping or spraying. Dilute 19:1 with water.
Bird Brand 20 Litre Dipping Concentrate is a protective dipping compound for the protection and colouration of sheds, fencing, panels, posts and other rough cut timber products.
Simple to use, being water based, and a safe alternative to creosote.


After dilution with water it can be used to protect and colour sheds, fencing panels and other rough cut or sawn timber.
When dry it gives a long lasting coloured finish which resists water penetration and attack by fungi.
The product is safe to use and is harmless to plants and animals, making it a safe alternative to creosote dipping.


Autumn Gold, Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black, Forest Green, Red Cedar.

Surface Preparation

Remove all dirt and contamination such as lichens, moss or fungi with a wire brush.
If significantly affected by growth then brush on Fungicidal Wash prior to dipping and allow to dry.

Product Application

Mix thoroughly 1 part concentrate with up to 19 parts water.
Storage tanks should be stirred regularly to ensure pigments remain in suspension and colour is consistent.



Dipping Application

Immerse the timber article totally into the solution for at least 1 minute then remove and allow to drain.
Store in a warm, well ventilated area until fully dry.
Full protection will only be obtained when the article is dry.
For articles likely to be in contact with the ground, the use of vacuum impregnation is recommended.


Warm Soapy Water

Cleanup Considerations

All equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with Water.
It is advisable that equipment should be cleaned/flushed during the course of application, the frequency of which will depend on the volume of material used and timescale over which applied.
Ensure all waste materials (including packaging) are disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

Pack Sizes

20 litre

Size Colour
20 Litre Chestnut Brown
Autumn Gold
Red Cedar
Ebony Black
Forest Green
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