Shed and Fence One Coat Protection

Shed and Fence One Coat Protection


A new superb one coat shed & fence protection which can be spayed rolled and brush applied.
It's one coat coverage can cover 7 fence panels of 6 x 6 and the special wax and pigment used means it can colour over existing colours and stop water penetrating into the timber.
Very economical, long lasting and avaliable in 6 great colours, click on colourchart.
Rich and deep penetrating colours.
Repels rain water after first coat.
For use on all rough sawn timbers.
Quick drying rain proof in one hour.
Apply with brush, roller or spray.
Child, pet and plant safe.
Bird Brand Shed & Fence One Coat Protection is an advanced and superior timber treatment specially formulated for use on rough sawn garden timbers.
Providing waterproofing protection from the first coat, it is ideal for fencing, sheds, trellis, and other garden timbers.
Shed and Fence One Coat Protectino is also pet and plant safe for your and your family's peace of mind.
Shed and Fence One Coat Protection will transofrm grey weather wood giving it all the protection it requires, bringing a new great new look to the garden.

Shed Fence Colours
Other Benefits.

Contains special pigments for rich and deep lasting colours.
Wax enriched resins repel water after just one coat.
Quick drying and weather proof in just 1-2 hours.
Superb coverage. One tub should treat seven panel sides of rough sawn fencing.
Can be brush, roller and spray applied.
Suitable for use over creosote.
No odour and brushes can be cleaned in water.

Useful Information

Extra Coats - further coats can be applied when a darker colour or additional weathering protection is required.
Drying Times - Normally touch dry within one to two hours, and can be recoated in four hours, if necessary in normal weather conditions.
Plants and Animals - Safe for use around plants and pets when dry. Splashed plants can be washed using a watering can or damp cloth to prevent staining.
Coverage - 6 metres sq per litre.
5 Litres should be sufficient to treat 7 fence panel sides, although this may vary depending on teh absorbency of the wood.
Before You Get Started -


A one coat colour can be expected on new, weathered and similarly coloured panels including creosote.
If over coating strong or contrasting colours, or where additional weathering protection is required, further coats may be necessary.
As with all other water based garden treatments, Shed and Fence One Coat Protection is not suitable for use on decking, garden furniture or interior timbers.
Smoother planed i.e. lattice type panels may require several brush coats to achieve the desired effect.
Being less generous per coat should avoid any excess being washed off.
Old surface paints should be completely removed to ensure that the timber treatment penetrates into the wood.
For wood in contact with the ground, first apply a clear wood preserver and allow to dry before applying Shed And Fence One Coat Protection.

For Best Results

Apply Bird Brand Shed and Fence One Coat Protection on a dry day when rain is not expected.
Do not apply in temperatures below 10 degrees C.
Ensure the timber is clean and dry, and remove and dirt or green mould with a stuff brush.

Handy Tip

If your fence is green from algae growth, why not spray on a 'moss and mould remover'?
After rinsing off and allowing to dry, the green stain should disappear within days, giving extra life and result in a better finish to your timbers.


Stir well before and during use.
Brush - Apply generously onto sawn timber in a thick even coat, ensuring the colour is uniform.
Take care not to spread the product too far.
Roller - roll along the direction of slats but use a brush to remove any excess foaming and to cut into any corners and ridges.
Sprayer - Follow manufacturers guidelines, but take precautions against drips, must and product run off spoiling other surfaces.

Clean Up

Before cleaning remove as much product from teh brush/roller as possible.
Clean brushes whilst wet with water and detergent.
Many local authorities offer special facilities for disposal of water materials.
Do not empty into drains or watercourses.


Keep Bird Brand Shed and Fence One Coat Protection away from children and pets.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Protect from frost.
Use only in well ventilated areas.
Do not use at a temperature below 5 degrees C or in conditions of high humidity.
To avoid spillage always store and transport in a secure and upright position.

Size Colours
5 Litre Chestnut Brown
Red Cedar
Autumn Gold
Forest Green
Ebony Black
Azure Blue

Safety Data Sheet

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