Solvent Based Complete Wood Preserver

Solvent Based Complete Wood Preserver


Solvent based Complete wood preserver.
Water repellent.
Contains propiconazole, pigments and waxes.
Can be brushed or sprayed.
7 colours available.

Solvent Based Wood Preserver

Bird Brand Wood Preserver is a mixture of active ingredients (propiconazole) and solvents to ensure a deeply penetrating and lasting finish.
It can be used on sheds, fences and timber products where decorative colour and chemical preservatives are required.
Bird Brand Spirit based Wood Preservative is also water repellent when dry and HSE approved but is not supported for the use on timbers that are in permanent ground or water contact.
The wood preserver can be applied easily by brush, spray or dipping.
Available in a choice of 7 colours and a range of 3 sizes from 1 litre to 5 litre.
Coverage 3-5m Sq per litre.
The attractive metal packaging have proven popular in garden centres, hardware stores and merchants, making this Bird Brand Wood Preserver an attractive product in our warehouse for customers.

Size Colour
1 Litre Dark Brown
2.5 Litre Light Brown
5 Litre Golden Brown
Mahogany Tan
Red Cedar
Forest Green

Safety Data Sheet

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