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Latest Products

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Nour Smooth Finish Brush Pack

A pack of Nour Smooth Finish Brushes

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Nour EZ Lock (Easy Lock)

Quick release. Also stops rollers slipping off the cage.

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Nour Double Arm Frame with Grub Screw

Double arm frame with grub screw - aluminium for marine rollers

Top ten Products

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Nour Smooth Finish Brush

A smooth finish brush from Nour for a smooth, no streak finish

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Nour Brilliant Finish Brush Pack

A Nour brilliant finish brush pack

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Nour Syn Pro Brush Pack

A pack of Nour Syn Pro Brushes



Nour Lint Free Mini Roller Sleeve

Premium quality lint free very short nap.

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Nour Microfibre Cage Sleeve

Can be used with all paints but is best suited for low VOC paints.


Nour Microfibre Refill Mini Roller Sleeve

Exceptional paint loading gives superb coverage.

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Nour MoBlend 5mm Sleeve

A blend of velour and wool fabric sleeve

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Nour Roller End Caps

End Caps for use with 12inch roller sleeves. Made from durable plastic


Nour Simulated Mohair Mini Roller Sleeve

Ideal for gloss eggshell also varnish & wood stains.


Nour Super Stripe Sleeve

A high density woven designed to provide even coverage

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Nour Syn Pro Brush

Exceptional coverage, firmer flex for added control


Nour Threaded Wooden Extension Pole

Nour Wooden Extension Pole for use with rollers


Nour Top Pro Sleeve

High density knitted fabric, maximize paint pick-up and release

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Nour Tradition Chinex/Nylon Brush (Firm Flex)

Sharp cutting-in while maintaining control in tight areas

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Nour Tradition Tynex/Orel Brush (Medium Flex)

Maintain a razor sharp cut and smooth, no streak finish no matter the paint.


Nour Ultra Stripe Sleeve

This roller provides even coverage, best used on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces


Nour Yellow Stripe Mini Roller Sleeve

A yellow striped mini sleeve. Superb paint loading


Professional Mini Roller Frame

A mini roller frame with a long arm for extra reach. For use with mini roller sleeves

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